SOCAR Trading News

Changes in the management structure of SOCAR Trading S.A.

Released: 31 May 2018

SOCAR Trading S.A. would like to inform of the following changes in the management of the company:

Mr. Adnan Ahmadzada is appointed as Executive Chairman of the SOCAR Trading S.A. Prior to his appointment, Mr Ahmadzada has spent more than twenty years within SOCAR and was also actively involved in the management of SOCAR Trading S.A through his position of member of the board of directors of the company.

Mr. Arzu Azimov is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of the company; he will continue to work closely within SOCAR Trading.

Mrs. Mariam Almaszade is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mrs. Almaszade has a legal background and brings along many years of experience in oil and gas transactions, management of companies, acquisitions and financing sector.

Mr. Emil Bayramli remains Chief Financial Officer.